The first Specialized Hospital for Nephrology and Dialysis – Diamed, provides comprehensive approach in nephrology and cardiovascular medicine.The Hospital includes:

Diagnostic center provides diagnosis and treatment in the following fields

  • Nephrology

    -Adult polycystic kidney disease
    -Kidney stones
    -Urine tract infections
    -Diabetic nephropathy
    -Anemia in kidney patients
    -Chronic kidney failure
    -End-stage renal disease (dialysis)
    -Pretransplant evaluation
    -Benign prostatic hyperplasia

  • The biochemical laboratory

    -Haematologic parameters,
    -Biohemical parameters (glycemia,HbA1C, electrolytes,transaminases, bilirubin,
    cholesterol, triglicerids, LDL,HDL,protein,albumin,urea, creatinin)
    -Cardiac enzymes (CK,CK-MB, troponin, BNP)
    -Hormonal status
    -Tumor markers
    -Rapid viral test (hepatitis B, C and HIV)
    -Helicobacter pylori tests

  • Cardiology

    -Coronary artery disease
    -Heart failure
    -Rhythm disorders
    -Carotid disease
    -Peripheral artery disease

  • Non-invasive diagnostic procedures:

    -24 hour Holter ECG monitoring
    -24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
    -Abdominal ultrasound
    -Urogenital ultrasound
    -Carotid artery ultrasound
    -Periferal vascular sonography
    -Doppler sonography of the arterio-venous fistula
    -Renal doppler sonography

  • Outpatients clinic

    To meet the needs of our patients, our medical center offers outpatient services with day beds,
    diagnose/monitoring/treatment of the acute/chronic conditions in internal medicine that do not require the patient to remain hospitalized:
    -chronic respiratory disease – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,asthma
    bronchiale,upper and lower inflamatory disease,
    -cardiovascular disease – chest pain, heart failure,arrhythmias,hypertensive crisis,stroke,
    -renal disease- urinary tract infection,kidney stones,
    -gastrointestinal disease- gastric ulcer, reflux disease,
    -metabolic disorders – diabetes and complications

  • Hemodialysis- 25 dialysis stations (total capacity of 150 patients
  • Small operating room – for vascular access performing
    Arterio-venous fistula, femoral vein catheter insertion,
    subclavia vein catheter insertion


  • Home visit nurse/doctor (venous/intramuscular injection application, ECG)